Ayurvedic Ark (Herbal Distillate): Benefits, Preparation and List

Ayurvedic Ark (Herbal Distillate): Benefits, Preparation and List

Herbal distillate is also known as Ayurvedic Ark. The aqueous formulation of a single herb or several herbs prepared with steam distillation method is called as Herbal Distillate.

Benefits of Herbal Distillate (Ayurvedic Ark):

There are many Ayurvedic Ark and they are made of different different herbs. Particular herbal distillate has its own benefit.

It is easily digestible and is most suitable for infant, children, young and old aged people.

How to prepare Herbal Distillate (Ayurvedic Ark):

Sometimes you have a confusion in between Herbal Distillate and Herbal Water. They both has a different and unique preparation method.

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How to prepare Ayurvedic Ark

The ratio of herb and water should be 1:8. As example if you take 100 grams of herb then 800 ml water should be added to it.

  • First of all, if you have fresh herb (flower, bark, seeds or root) then cut them into small pieces and grind them well.
  • Then Soak the grinned herb in water at night for about 12 hours. Remember the ratio should be 1:8.
  • In the next morning, put the mixture into Herbal Distillate equipment which is also called as Nadika Yantra (According to Ayurveda).
  • Then put the Nadika Yantra on the gas oven in medium flame. If the flame is too high then its therapeutic value will reduce.
  • After some time water starts vaporized.
  • Collect the vapor in distillate collector and keep it for cooling. Don’t refrigerate it.
  • Your herbal distillate or Ayurvedic Ark is ready to serve.

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List of some Herbal Distillate

  • Dashmool Ark.
  • Chirayata Ark.
  • Chandanadi Ark.
  • Ajwain Ark.
  • Gulab Ark. (Rose Ark)
  • Brahmi Ark.
  • Palashanjan Ark. (Netra Sudarshan Ark.)
  • Saunf Ark. (Fennel Ark.)
  • Sonth Ark. (Ginger Ark.)
  • Triphala Ark.
  • Medohar Ark.
  • Rakta Doshantak Ark.
  • Giloy Ark.
  • Jeera Ark.
  • Punarnava Ark.
  • Shankhapushpi Ark.
  • Bhringaraj Ark.

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