Beware of These Ayurvedic Painkillers

Beware of These Ayurvedic Painkillers

There are some pain killers available in the market that are all being sold as Ayurvedic painkillers. Are those really Ayurvedic painkillers? Are there any properties of Ayurveda in all of them? Are those medicines being run under the name of Ayurveda? There is a big question mark.

The type of painkiller I am going to talk about is being run under the name of Ayurveda. There is considerable doubt as to whether they are Ayurvedic medicine at all.

First of all, I am giving a description of this type of Ayurvedic painkiller. Mainly Two types of tablets can be seen inside this kind of painkiller containers, One is long type and another is round shaped. There is no composition found in the level of the medicine container.

Ayurvedic Painkiller

Such medicines are being sold by Mainly rickshaw and auto. The use of this type of medicine is very high in rural areas. Even this medicine can be seen in some grocery stores also. This medicine is available under different names. So I just told you what the structure is like to see this medicine, so that you can easily recognize it.

Side Effects Of These Ayurvedic Painkillers:

Now I will tell you about the side effects of this type of Ayurvedic Painkillers.

Many patients come to me with arthritis and various pain-related diseases. Those who take this kind of painkiller says that their pain is not lessened if they do not take this medicine. If one day they stop taking this medicine, they will suffer in excessive pain.

It’s like a drug addiction. In this case, no other medicine can work easily. This type of painkiller is completely destroying the immune system in your body. When the immune system is weakened, any disease can easily settle in your body. In addition, this type of painkiller can cause multiple organ failure in your body, such as liver failure, kidney failure etc. So, be careful from this kind of Ayurvedic Painkillers.

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So one request to you, please do not use this kind of painkillers.

For the sake of the public, you should never buy or eat any medicine on your own. If there is any problem, you must consult an Ayurvedic doctor and take medicine according to his advice.

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