Top 15 Health Benefits of Jeera Water and Side Effects

Top 15 Health Benefits of Jeera Water and Side Effects

Jeera water is one kind of Herbal Water. There are various health benefits of jeera water which I will discuss in this article. It is very beneficial for weight loss, low sperm count, menstrual disorder in females and others which I will discuss later on. Jeera water also has some side effects. So read the complete article to learn the benefits of jeera water along with its side effects.

How to Make Jeera Water:

10gram jeera or cumin powder boiled in 1280 ml of water in medium flame. The water which we obtain after boiling is called Jeera Water. There is an unique process to prepare Herbal water.

Read the procedure How to prepare Herbal Water.

Benefits of Jeera Water

Medicinal Properties:

These are some medicinal properties of Jeera Water.

  • Digestive
  • Carminative
  • Antidiarrheal
  • Antispasmodic
  • Antiemetic
  • Antiflatulant
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antiinflammatory
  • Antioxident
  • Antibiotic
  • Fat Burning

Top 15 Health Benefits of Jeera Water:

Here I will discuss the top 15 health benefits of Jeera Water along with its dose in particular disorder.

1. Benefits of Jeera water for Weight Loss:

Jeera water helps to reduce weight by increasing lipolysis (Fat burning). It also contains a unique active ingredient Thymoquinone which has antioxident and anti inflammatory properties. This also helps to loss weight.

You should take 60 ml jeera water along with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 pinch long pepper powder twice daily 2 hours after meal for atleast 3-4 months. You also should follow the Ayurvedic Diet Plan and Ayurvedic medicines for weight loss.

Dose: 60 ml Jeera Water + 1 Teaspoon Lemon Juice + Long pepper Powder 2 pinch

2. Improve Digestion:

Jeera water contains a chemical named as Thymol. The main function of this chemical is to stimulate the pancreas to produce enzymes and bile which improves the digestion. Cumin or jeera also contains Cuminaldehyde which triggers the salivation impulse and helps to increase taste in your mouth.

Dose: 60 ml twice daily 1 hour after meal.

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3. Aphrodisiac:

In men, it is very beneficial for improving the quantity and quality of sperm (Spermatozoa). It also boost the energy level.

Dose: 60 ml twice daily after food.

4. Obesity:

Are you suffering from obesity? Then this is the best remedy for you. Cumin can work together with a healthy diet and daily exercise which will be more efficient to control obesity.

Dose: 60 ml twice daily after food.

5. Piles:

In vataja arsha or piles, jeera water is very helpfull remedy.

Dose: 60 ml twice daily after food.

6. Benefits of Jeera Water to Control Diabetes Level:

Cumin contains thymoquinone which triggers the pancreas to produce insulin and help cells respond to insulin. So keep Jeera water in your regular diet if you are suffering from Diabetes.

7. Liver Protective:

It contains Thymol which enhance the production of enzymes and bile and stimulate the pancreas and liver. It helps in better digestion.

8. Painful Menstruation:

Jeera water is very beneficial for those who are suffering from painful menstruation, irregular menstruation and leucorrhea.

In those cases patient should take jeera water regularly for at least 3 months.

Dose: 60 ml twice daily.

9. Removes Acne:

Due to its anti bacterial and anti microbial properties it is very helpful to remove the acne. It clears your skin by excreting the toxins from the body. Due to its anti aging properties it help to reduce dark circles under eyes and soften the skin.

You should add little amount of black salt to it.

Dose: 60 ml jeera water + 2 pinch black salt twice daily after food.

10. Nausea and Vomiting:

Jeera water has aniemetic properties, which helps to control the nausia and vomiting. It can also be used during pregnancy to reduce the nausia and vomiting tendency.

Dose: 60 ml once or twice daily.

11. Abdominal Colic:

Due to its anti spasmodic properties jeera water helps to reduce abdominal colic. You should add black solt to it for better and quick result. If you are suffering from abdominal pain then take the sollution 2-4 times a day.

In case of infants give 5 drops of jeera water 6-8 times daily.

12. Regulates Blood Pressure:

Jeera water is the rich source of Potassium which helps to control hypertension (High blood pressure) by balancing the negative effects of salt.

13. Boost Immunity:

Jeera water is considered as Immunity booster. It protect us from various disorders such as common cold, flu etc.

14. Diarrhea:

Jeera water has antidiarrheal and anti microbial properties. It is the best remedy for those who are suffering from mucus with stool.
Jeera water along with Ajwain water and saunf water is very efficient for diarrhea. You should add 2 pinch of rock salt to it for better result.

15. Benefits of Jeera Water in Flatulence and Bloating:

Jeera water has anti flatulent and carminative properties which helps to reduce flatulence and bloating (abdominal distension). It stops the formation of gas in our guts.
You should add 2 pinch of black salt with jeera water for better and quick result.

Jeera Water Dosage:

  • Infants (Below 12 Months): 5 drops
  • Children: 0.5 ml per Kg Body Weight
  • Adults: 12 to 60 ml
  • Pregnancy: Not more than 12 ml
  • Lactation: 60 ml
  • Geriatric Dosage: 12 to 30 ml
  • Maximum Possible Dosage: 120 ml in divided doses or once a day

Jeera Water Side Effects:

If we take jeera water in over dose then it can be harmful. The side effects includes:

  1. Excessive heat sensation in the body
  2. Acid Reflux
  3. Hyper acidity

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is Jeera Water safe during pregnancy?
A. Yes, it is safe during pregnancy if taken in proper dose.

Q. Can we drink jeera water at night?
A. Yes, you can take jeera water anytime.

Q. Is cumin seeds hot or cold?
A. Cumin seeds are hot in nature.

Q. Can we add lemon in jeera water?
A. If you want loss weight then you can add lemon juice in jeera water.

Q. Is cumin water good for weight loss?
A. Yes, cumin water or jeera water is good for weight loss.

Q. What does jeera water taste like?
A. Its Pungent.

Q. Is Jeera good for constipation?
A. Yes, Jeera water is good for constipation.

Q. What is Jeera called in English?
A. Jeera is called as Cumin in english.

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