Healthy Diet for dengue patient

Healthy Diet for dengue patient

Diet for dengue patient:

It is very important to take proper diet for dengue patient, as dengue fever is severely spreading all over the country as well as the world.
Not only medicines but a proper diet are also necessary to minimize the risk factors of dengue fever.
Here I will tell you the diet for dengue fever. 
In the case of dengue fever, the platelet count of blood is gradually decreased. So, in that case, we need those foods which increase the platelet count in the blood.

Food to increase platelet count in dengue:

The below-described food will help to increase the amount of platelet count of a dengue patient.

1. Papaya leaves:

After a long study, it is proved that papaya leaves ( Carica papaya) are very beneficial for the treatment of dengue patients. 

Papaya leaves for dengue

It increases the platelet count rapidly of a dengue patient.

The dengue patients should take the extract of papaya leaves everyday. Alternately, you can boil some papaya leaves in 400 ml water and reduce to 1/4th. Then drink the solution. It is the best remedy for the treatment of dengue fever.

2. Green coconut water:

Green Coconut water is highly effective to raise the platelet count. It contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and iron. It also contains vitamin A, B and vitamin C which are essential to increase the platelet count.

3. Fruits for Dengue Fever:

You should consume not only citrus fruits such as lemon, orange etc but also tomatoes, strawberries etc. because these fruits contain vitamin C and Vitamin K which are very beneficial to raise the platelet count.

Food to increase platelet count in dengue

4. Green Vegetables For Dengue Patient:

You can eat all green vegetables but especially spinach, broccoli, carrot, beetroot and pumpkin including its seeds must be taken in your diet. These vegetables will trigger the platelet level in your body.

5. Green Tea:

Green tea is also very helpful drink to minimize the severity of dengue fever because it contains Polyphenol which is a great antioxidant. Green tea also helps to build immunity power.

6. Medicated Tea:

Drink tea made with Basil leaves, ginger and lemon in every 2 hours interval. 

7. Kadha or Kwath For Dengue Patient:

Boil 10-15 Basil leaf and 10-15 gm Coriander powder in 400 ml of water and reduce to 1/4th. When it comes in normal temperature, drink the liquid in 3-4 hours interval.

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Food to avoid for dengue patient:

1. Dengue patient must avoid oily foods, fried foods and spicy foods because these food contains a lot of fat which may lead to high cholesterol and hypertension (High Blood Pressure). These can cause acidity which leads to ulcers and damage to the stomach walls. These foods weaken the immune system as well.

Food to avoid for dengue patient
2. Caffeinated beverages, as well as caffeinated drinks, are contraindicated in dengue patient because caffeine causes fatigue, rapid heart rate and muscle breakdown.

3. Chill cold food beverages should avoid. 

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If you have any questions then please comment below. Always remember, if you are suffering from fever then you must visit a doctor as early as possible.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult an Ayurvedic Doctor for more information.

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