Top 10 Exciting Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

Top 10 Exciting Health Benefits of Curry Leaves

There are various health benefits of curry leaves. As you know, curry leaves are mainly used for various tasty recipes. Curry leaves can be used in numerous delicious dishes. But do you know the medicinal benefits of curry leaves? According to Ayurveda Curry leaves plays an important role in our daily life.

Curry Leaves is a vital herb which belongs to the Rutaceae family.

Curry leaves are a rich source of Vitamin A, B, and C. Curry leaves also contains iron, calcium, phosphorous, fibre and magnesium. Curry leaves are also a rich source of amino acids.

Health Benefits of Curry Leaves
Health Benefits of Curry Leaves


Synonyms of Curry Leaves:

Botanical Name: Chalcas koenigii
English Name: Curry Leaves
Hindi Name: Kari Patta, Mitha Nim
Tamil Name: Kariveppilai, karuveppilai
Gujarati Name: Mitho Limado

Medicinal Benefits of Curry Leaves:

There are many health benefits of curry leaves. Some of them are as follows.


1. Curry Leaves Controls Diabetes:

Curry leaves have anti-diabetic properties. Due to anti-diabetic properties, it helps to control Diabetes. Curry leaves enhance the production of insulin from the beta cells of the pancreas.

2. Controls the Cholesterol Level:

If you keep Curry leaves in your diet every day you will be far away from bad cholesterol (LDL). It increases the good cholesterol level (HDL) and protects you from various kind of heart diseases.

3. Maintain Healthy Liver:

Curry leaves contain tannins and carbazole alkaloids which exhibited good hepatoprotective properties. It also a rich source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C which stimulates the liver and the liver health.

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4. Maintain eye health:

Curry leaves are a rich source of Vitamin A which maintain the eye health and protect from night blindness.

5. Controls Adverse effects:

Consuming curry leaves can reduce the adverse effects of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.

6. Improves blood circulation:

Taking curry leaves once daily can improve the blood circulation and overcome from various menstrual disorders. It also relieves from pain due to improper blood circulation. 

7. Treats wounds, Boils, Pimples:

Due to its anti-infective and healing properties, it can be used in external wounds, Boils, Rashes and mild burns. The paste of curry leaves can be applied over the affected areas. it is very effective.

8. It kills intestinal worms :

Who are suffering from intestinal worms should take 2-3gram curry leaves powder in empty stomach in the morning. 

9. Acidity, Sour taste in Mouth:

Curry leaves help to reduce the acid level in the stomach and neutralize it. People who are suffering from Hyperacidity, sour taste in the mouth should take 3-4 teaspoon of curry leaves’ extract with 1 cup of water in the morning and afternoon for better result.

10. Abdominal Pain:

Here is an instant remedy for abdomen pain which is made of curry leaves. Who are suffering from abdomen pain should take 2-3 gram curry leaves added with 400 ml of water and boil up to 3/4 th is reduced. Extract the remaining 1/4 th and drink it. It also helps in loss of appetite and indigestion.

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